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Joint Departmental Council

What is Departmental Joint Council (MBJ)?

Department Council (MBJ) is a two-way forum where the employees are provided a channel to communicate with management in voicing opinions and views as well as contributing constructive ideas for the betterment of the organisation.

Establishment of MBJ

Government agencies that have the authority to handle and decide on administration , human resource management and financial matters are required to establish their own MBJ. For this purpose a draft constitution of MBJ must be prepared and agreed by both the management and employees to be submitted to JPA for approval.

Fields and functions

The scope and functions of MBJ emphasise on the interests of the employees in an organisation. Its objective is not only to resolve problems faced by them, but also to serve as a platform for discussions between the management and employees. An active MBJ will enhance working spirit among employees to serve with greater dedication and productivity.

Matters of discussion

Matters that can be discussed in an MBJ’s meeting can be anything related to the issues on the implementation of allowances, perquisites, finance, services, service schemes and posts, welfare, administration and etc. Issues related to government policies and personal matters are hindered to be brought in the meeting but nevertheless the management can clarify government policies for better understanding among the employees

The Benefits of MBJ

MBJ helps to build a harmonious relationship as well as positive attitude between management and employees. It also creates higher work satisfaction, increase in productivity, improvement in quality of work, reduction in cost, better career advancement of employees, mutual respect between management and employees, problem solving skills, loyalty for the organisation, and builds unity.

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