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History of JAWHAR

The Department of Awqaf, Zakat and Hajj (JAWHAR) was declared established on 27 March 2004 equivalent to 6 Safar 1425H by the former Prime Minister Y.A. Bhg Tun Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi while announcing the cabinet of the Malaysian government.

The establishment of this department is the starting point in the efforts of the Federal Government to help develop the property of Muslims as a source of wealth and strength of the ummah in the future.

The former Prime Minister’s commitment was further expressed in his speech during the launch of the 9th Malaysia Plan on 31 March 2006 in the Dewan Rakyat:

“In addition, we will develop Bumiputera capital resources, such as land and waqf property under the responsibility of the state Islamic religious authorities. The state Islamic religious authorities must take on the responsibility of fardhu kifayah, play an active role in developing the economy of Muslims and assist in human development efforts”.

The official launch of JAWHAR was officiated by Y.B. Dato ‘Seri Dr. Abdullah bin Md Zin, former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (minister responsible for Islamic affairs) on 8 October 2004 equivalent to 23 Syaaban 1425H, at Hall 2, Concourse Level, Putrajaya Convention Centre.

In his inaugural address, former Y.B. The Minister reaffirmed the Government’s intention as follows:

“The establishment of the Waqf, Zakat & Hajj Department aims to ensure that the administration of waqf property, zakat and hajj affairs throughout the country is more organized, systematic and effective. It also means to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the service delivery system to a more excellent, glorious and distinguished level”.


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