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  • The e-Participation Policy aims at instituting the culture and practices of e-participation across Government Agencies and improving transparency and people’s participation, thereby assisting the Kerajaan Malaysia achieving its national development goals.
  • Kerajaan Malaysia has always recognized the value of engaging the people in governance processes. Engagement with the public allows governments to tap into wider perspectives, sources of information, and potential solutions to improve decisions and services. It also provides the basis for productive relationships, improved dialogue and deliberation, and ultimately, better governance. The objective of e-Participation is to engage people in development policy and decision-making processes through use of information and communication technologies.
  • JAWHAR encourage citizens engage and promote active citizenry by providing channels such as feedback platforms, including the website and media social for you to share your feedback with the Government.
  • Some features or parts of the website (such as Subscribe) require you to insert your email address as part of the participation. JAWHAR may from time to time send you emails for notification on latest news based from the part that you have choose on your Subscriber.
  • You may withdraw your consent by sending click on the Unsubsribe link from the notification email stating that you no longer wish to receive emails from JAWHAR .
  • JAWHAR shall have the right to delete or disallow any of the parcipation email which contain false identity on error while posting notification.

Responsible Officer Conducting Social Media Web Agency

  • Ensuring that content does not conflict with Government policy
  • Making social networking sites as media promote and publicize matters relating to the Government
  • Ensure that the content and suitability, and the have an interest to be notified to the public
  • Ensure that the frequency of updating information and ensure it is relevant
  • Eliminate content and information received from the public which are not relevant to the agency activities
  • Ensure that the link between the website and content social network and the official website of the agency shall clear and not overlapping
  • Using the agency’s official logo on the website social networks
  • Using e-mail in web profile social networks
  • Using pictures and / or video that can be clarify the message to be conveyed in appropriate circumstances
  • Insert description of the photo and / or video used to assist the search by consumers
  • Using the word copyright in all photo content and / or video
  • Using short sentences, concise, accurate and clearly defined
  • Provide disclosures denial (disclaimer) for any damages in the event experienced by users when using the network website social

Consumer Agency

  • Achieving social networking site only agency in connection with official business at the time office
  • Using complete sentences and clear meaning
  • Does not display the sensitive issues like religion, political and racial and defamatory or agitation
  • Does not display the statements that can affect the government’s
  • Not to use the social networking website for embarrass individuals

Network Administrator

  • To ensure that content filtering management is always function in filtering access to websites social networks that are not related to the use of official agencies
  • Monitor and analyze transactions access agency users on social networking sites outside so as not to interfere with network performance agencies

Freedom of Information

  • Department of Awqaf, Zakat & Hajj (JAWHAR) does not have specific Freedom of Information Act to be shared with the public because most of the information contained in these agencies is difficult and limited for general circulation.
  • Only information that has been obtained approval / permission from the Head of Department can be displayed on the Website. Web site administrators should ensure that the news and information that is displayed is not difficult and affect the good name of the department.
  • Website Administrator should also make sure the spelling and the use of legal language used in the article are reviewed before being published to avoid any errors on the information submitted.
  • If you’re in the JAWHAR office and would make access to intranet applications contained on the JAWHAR Website, Application can be made by completing the Wifi Access Form provided by the Infrastructure Section Information And Technology to enable access.

* Source : Best Practices Social Media Usage in the Public Sector Network

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