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Basic Course of Survey and Statistic Reporting – (SPSS Method)


August 24, 2015- Research Unit under Research and International Cooperation Division of Awqaf, Zakat and Hajj Department had organized Basic Course of Survey and Statistic Reporting – (SPSS Method) located in Rocana Hotel, Kuantan Pahang. The Course has been attended by 18 participants comprising JAWHAR officers and staff.

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding to the participant on the method and basis in the process of making survey studies besides giving a better understanding on methods used to analyse SPSS data survey which was obtained from studies on population. In looking of the credibility and active coordination on JAWHAR programmes, it could be more benefit to all officers and staff to learnt and gain more experience in handling a reliable system that can be used to the respondents of any program that had been organized.

The Briefing was delivered by guest speakers, Mr. Rizal bin Mustafa, Water Regulatory Officer from the State Secretary office of Pahang which has much experience in the use of SPSS system in his profession. The participants were divided into three groups and each group has made their presentation based on the related topics given.

The programmed ended with the closing ceremony and souvenir giving session by En Abdul Hakim bin Abdul Rauf, Head Assistant Director of Research unit to the guest speaker, participants and each group members.

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