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What are the types of property which can be listed as general source of property?

  • General inheritance
    • Will
  • Charity
  • Individual donation
  • Interest
  • Insurance
  • Luqatah
    • Items that have been found.
  • Fidyah
    • Penalty for declining to fast during Ramadhan or with certain reason or delay in replacing fasting days.
  • Kifarah
    • Penalty for minor transgression.
  • Outstanding debt
    • Debts that are not paid due to certain reasons such as death/missing/bankrupt/insane or if the debts are not claimed by the heirs.
  • Rent money
    • Income from things that are rented by the State Islamic Council to an individual/company and so on.
  • Investment
    • Investment for certain business.
  • Nazar
    • Promise to God (Nazar) that is made has to be done once the target is achieved.
  • Other potential wealth is also considered to be in this scope of general source of property.

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