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Vision, Mission & Department Objective


We are aspire to become the premier governmental department in spearheading continuous development of the ummah through the reinforcement of world class awqaf, zakat, mal and hajj institutions.


Improve the socio-economic development through the strengthening of community institutions of Awqaf, Zakat, Mal and Hajj / Umrah through governance and service delivery system


  1. Empowering anddevelop socio-economic development of the Ummah in the field of Awqaf, Zakat, Mal and Hajj / Umrah through close collaboration with the National Religious States and related agencies;
  2. Enhance thegood governance institutions of Awqaf, Zakat, Mal and Hajj / Umrah;
  3. Increasedthe awareness and understanding of the concept of Awqaf, Zakat, Mal and Hajj / Umrah; and
  4. Nourishand cultivate the legacy of awqaf practices among Malaysians people.

Prayer Time for Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur & As Time With It

Imsak 5.46 Subuh 5.56 Syuruk 07.09 Zohor 13.22 Asar 16.47 Maghrib 19.30 Isyak 20.45
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Jabatan Wakaf, Zakat & Haji (JAWHAR)
Aras 8-9, Blok D, Kompleks Islam Putrajaya (KIP),
Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Presint 3,
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Telephone: +(6) 03-8883 7400
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