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History of JAWHAR

Departmentof Awqaf, Zakat and Hajj (JAWHAR) was founding on March 27, 2004 (6 Safar 1425H) by former Prime Minister YAB Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he announce Malaysian government  cabinet.

His commitment expressed in his speech during the launch of the 9th Malaysia Plannings on March 31, 2006 in Dewan Rakyat:

In addition, steps will be taken to enhance the capital resources of bumiputra, like land and awqaf assets under the management of the State Religious Councils. These State Religious Councils should fulfill Fardhu Kifayah obligation and play an active role in the economic development of the muslim ummah and help in the development of human capital”.

The Honorable Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia
(Ninth Malaysia Plannings Pages: 39 – 40)

The official launchwas completed by  Dato ‘Seri Abdullah bin Md Zin, a former Minister in the Prime Minister (who was responsible for the Islamic affairs) on October 8, 2004 (23 Shaban 1425H), held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

Department of Awqaf, Zakat and Hajj is formed to ensure the management and administration of awqaf properties, zakat and hajj are in order, systematic and effective. It effectiveness of service delivery system to an excellent level”.

Y.B. Dato’ Dr. Abdullah bin Md. Zin
Former Minister at Prime Minister Department
(Towards Reinforcing the Awqaf, Zakat & Hajj Institutions;p.1)

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